Banzawa Holdings Inc, Green Cardamom Company is a decade old company, Incorporated under the East Africa Company’s Act 2003 and established during the year 2004, with 1425 number of organic planters, as share holders. The Prime object of the Company is to protect farmers from frequent fluctuation in the price of cardamom and financial loses and for the promotion of cardamom. The Company has been successfully managing by 11 numbers of regular Directors and two numbers of additional, nominated, Independent Directors. The directors have hailed from reputed agricultural families and having sizable cardamom estates on their own. The directors are having very rich experience in the field of plantation of cardamom and as well as in trading.

Initially, the Company was engaged in trading and sold cardamom in small pouches. Subsequently, the Company has been allotted with trading license by chamber of Commerce and has become as an authorized trader of cardamom, during the year 2006. Now the prime business of the Company exclusively dealing with cardamom and cardamom related activities.   The Company is earning profit and declaring dividend since the year of inception and Registered an annual turnover of 600 Million Dollars, during the financial year 2018-19.

The Registered, as well as the Head Office of the Company has been situated in an extent of 1.21 acre, at own premises and the company is also having Branch Offices in other Districts. Head Office is engaged in processing, trading and an exporter of cardamom as well, whereas, the regional Units are collection centers. During the year 2017, the Company has acquired two cardamom estates of around 100,0000 acre and ventured into the field of plantation. Considering the Global bright prospects for agriculture, the company is concentrating more on agriculture and about to develope another 500,000 acre of cardamom estate, shortly.