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???? Dried or Black cardamom pods is cultivated in East Africa, which spice used in cooking many savory dishes. It is a whole bud with small black seeds inside when you crack it open. Although known as black, the color is a deep shade of brown than black. The skin is rough and wrinkly. Due to the strong smoky flavors that render warming notes to the dish, Black Cardamom is classified as a warm spice similar to cloves, black pepper and cinnamon.

???? The large pods are used in whole form or maybe slightly pounded to flatten it and expose the seeds inside.
???? Whole pods can be used for tempering in warm oil to release the aromatic oils from the pod, or stewed and cooked in a liquid broth to infuse the dish with a delicate smoky aroma.
???? The most common use of Black Cardamom is when a dish requires a relatively long time to simmer, such as when making rice, whole grains, meat dishes or even broths for soups and stews!
???? The prolonged simmering of the dish in a liquid helps to squeeze out the oils and inject the dish with a woody freshness!
???? It is mostly used to make savory dishes since smoky flavor in desserts and sweets is not favored.
???? As the skin of black cardamom is rough and hard, its difficult to grind it, so remove any roughage to make a smooth blend.
???? Whole pods used during the cooking process can be easily removed from the dish before serving to avoid bitter bites.

???? Black Cardamom – Dried
???? From East Africa
???? All Nature –  Dried
???? No Coloring
???? No Artificial Flavor
???? No Preservative
???? Net weight: 5kg Per Pack

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  • ???? CARDAMOM PODS POPULARITY- Black seed cardamom is one of the well-know spices giving the numerous nutritional values in health. Its effect in spice cooking is another essential usefulness that makes cardamom a favorite in the kitchen. Black Cardamom is a very popular spice used to make Indian curries and many other dishes in many South-East Asian cuisines particularly Indian, Vietnamese and Thai.
  • ???? SPECIAL TASTE: Black Cardamom is classified as a warm spice similar to cloves, black pepper and cinnamon. The organic black seed has a strong, smoky flavor which is dried over an open fire a long time which gives it a very strong, pungent woody aroma that distinguishes it from other spices. Most of the flavor and taste of a whole cardamom pod comes from the tiny seeds inside the pod.
  • ???? CARDAMOM – a familiar spice in cuisine. A delicious dish cannot be without spice. Although using only a small amount, spices have the ability to stimulate the smell – very good taste, making the dish more delicious and attractive. The spice is very popular in cuisine throughout Asia countries, especially the typical Vietnamese noodles soup named “Phở” is used. With its aroma, pungency and warmth, cardamom helps balance the perfect taste, making the dish more delicious, attractive, tasty and m
  • ???? NATURAL DRYING PROCESS: The drying is the most critical process in the production of dried herbs and spices. Banzawa Dried Cardamom pods are all natural smoke dried after cultivating. Therefore, there is no coloring, artificial flavor or no additives in Cardamom.
  • ???? Try the Best – Risk Free! These Cinnamon Organic Sticks and covered by a no-questions asked money back guarantee.

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